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Historical Documents

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Narratives & Timelines


The Whitehall History Book compiles the most interesting documents from this site in one handy pdf. If you only look at one thing, check this out.


This 1949-2014 timeline is a one-page timeline of Whitehall history.

This chapter on Whitehall history is from a UT Master's thesis written by former member John Powell Joyner. Here is the full thesis, most of which discusses life in Whitehall circa 1992.

These selections on Whitehall are taken (with Jim's permission) from Jim Jones' book Many Hands: A History of the Austin Cooperative Community (available for purchase at manyhandsthemovie.com). 


Here are selections from the past members questionnaire, which was filled out by former members before the 40th anniversary reunion in 1989.




This Daily Texan article and list of members are from 1949.


Here are articles about the Whitehall fire of 1950.


Here are some 1951 yearbook photos, including a picture of the Whitehall kitchen and Whitehallers reacting to the fire.

Here are articles about Whitehall's 1953 move off-campus.

Here are the House Song & Grace song from 1953. Minutes from 1960 state that the House Song was sung before every meeting.

Here are various articles from the mid-50s, about the Whitehall Fairies, Girl of the Month, and weekly devotional periods.

Here are articles about the 1956 integration of UT, including the Inter-Cooperative Council and Whitehall votes to integrate. Here are minutes of a Whitehall discussion about integration in 1960.

At the end of the year, when all the graduating seniors moved out, they wrote a "Last Will", and the remaining members wrote a "Prophecy" of what would happen to the members who were leaving. Here are some from the scrapbooks: Last Will & Prophecy 1956, Last Will 1958, and the Last Will & Prophecy 1959.

"Tell-tale tidbits of co-op life" from 1959.

Here are documents relating to the purchase of Whitehall, along with a short history written by former member Irene Braden. (Irene, along with 3 other members, bought the house in their names in 1960. They legally owned the house until the title was transferred to Whitehall in 2011.)


Here are selections from house meeting minutes, 1959-1961.



This article on the 1960 Co-op Open House was written by a Whitehaller.


This 1962 report on women's coops was created by the UT Office of the Dean of Women.

Here is the 1967 UT Women's Cooperative Houses Curfew Policy

Here are Whitehall's House Rules & Customs, 1967. 


This 1955-1968 timeline was written in 1969, covering the topics of renting and then buying 2500 Nueces and almost giving the house to UT in exchange for a house on campus.

Here is an article about the 1969 decision to keep the house rather than give it to UT in exchange for a campus house. These 1968-1969 documents relate to the decision to keep 2500 Nueces, including letters of support from Campus Guild and ICC and the minutes of the vote to keep the house.


Here are group photos from 1959-1970, scanned from a xerox copy of some sort of UT yearbook found at the Austin History Center. (This seems to have been xeroxed in 1989, probably in preparation for the 40th anniversary reunion.)



Here is a police diagram of a car crash in front of the house in 1970. Details are hazy, but Whitehall was possibly being blamed due to foliage obscuring the stop sign.


This 1974 statement on non-student members argues that accepting non-students is a violation of the original purpose of Whitehall. 


Here is a 1978 hand-out about sexism at Whitehall, including the opportunity to rate how sexist your housemates are on a 1 to 10 scale. 


Here is a membership application questionnaire from 1978.



Here is information about the 1981 kitchen renovation, as recounted by former members. 


These reasons to get rid of the dog were written in 1985.


This Whitehall fact sheet seems to be from the late 80's.




This poem about Whitehall was written in the mid-90s by Graham Hawksley.




This short documentary was filmed ca. 2008-2009, created by non-Whitehallers Chelsea Hernandez and Jordan Torres.




This timeline of Whitehall history was written by former member Michael Owens circa 1993. 

This article on the history of Austin student co-ops was published in the Austin Chronicle in 1989. Courtesy of Michael Bluejay, here are high-res tiffs: page 1, page 2, page 3, and page 4. There were 4 pictures of Whitehall on the front cover, and a 40th anniversary Whitehall ad on the last page of the article. 


Here's some info about Samuel D. Harlan, the father of the original owner of 2500 Nueces.




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