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Whitehall's original house, 2500 Whitis, Dec. 1949.

2500 Whitis, Dec. 1949.

The fire -- November 3, 1950.

2500 Whitis on fire, Nov. 1950.

Reactions to the fire, 1950 (l to r): Jeannette Hack, Susanne Collins,
Mary Jane Brandhorst, Johnnie Wright, and Ginger Hendricks.
(Ginger was a Whitehaller, the others might have been as well.)

From the Daily Texan, Nov. 4, 1950.

Whitehall: card-carrying member of NASCL (the predecessor of NASCO).

May 1955. Likely in front of 21st & Nueces location.
Whitehall was at 1914 Nueces from 1953-1955.

1955. Likely at the time of the move from 1914 Nueces to 2500 Nueces.
(Similar photos show the 21st & Nueces location, a moving van, etc.)

Whitehall members, 1956-1957. 

Ca. mid-50s.

Ca. mid-50s

Whitehall members, 1958.

Ca. 1959.

Yard party, 1959. Original caption from scrapbook:
"For publicity purposes -- Propaganda. 
For actual, live photographs see next page."

Original caption from the scrapbook:
     "September 26, 1959, twenty-three impatient girls waited for a shower 
to subside so they could begin the annual yard party. It finally stopped 
and they rushed onto the scene and soon became industriously engaged 
in beautifying the landscape of Whitehall.
     Various onlookers contributed advice and remarks (especially the male 
inhabitants of Brownlee), but unfortunately none offered to help in the 
actual labor. 
     After the work was done, dinner was served outside and a riotous 
hula hoop elimination was held. All in all, it was quite an afternoon."

Ca. 1959. Original scrapbook caption: “Whitehall co-eds joined in
 advertisement for the inter-co-op dance. They are, from left to right 
Linda Shuler (sitting), Marva Carter, Judy Willenborg (sitting), Claudia Laney, 
Mary Ester Bazaldua, and Martha Whitlow (the black eyes were real).”

Whitehall members, ca 1960-1961.

Invitation from Royal Coop to a Beatnik Valentines Party, ca 1964.

1965 group photo.

1969 group photo.

1970 group photo.

1979, in the front room.

Michael Owens & Barbara Bonneau.

1981. Back, L to R: Terry Morrison, Gary Keith, Constance Corbin,
Wanda Fairweather, Jimmy Robertson, Mimi Smith, Walden Swanson.
Front: Jane Ward, Prema Strecker, Cyndy Lou Swope, Barbara Bonneau,
Paul "Sandy" May, Allison Bonneau.

Ca. 1981, kitchen renovation.

Whitehall Gothic, 1981 kitchen renovation:
Paul "Sandy" May and Prema Strecker.
This photo was on the front cover of the Austin
Chronicle in 1989.

Group photo ca. mid 80's.

Partying in Mr. Turtle, ca. mid-80s.

40th anniversary ad from the Austin Chronicle, 1989.

Ad ca. early 90s.

Ca. 1990-1992. John Powell Joyner, author of the Master's Thesis, top right.
Wanda Fairweather, longtime resident, center in white shirt.

60th anniversary reunion & potluck. Unfortunately, this
is the closest we got to a group photo. (2009)

2011 group photo

The 4 owners of Whitehall (l to r): Marva Carter Carroll, Irene Braden Hoadley,
Patsy Mayhew, and Martha Whitlow Langford
, at the 2011 deed transfer.

2011 deed transfer lunch.

65th Anniversary Reunion, Oct. 2014.

65th Anniversary Reunion storytime.

65th Anniversary Reunion

More coming soon...

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